Holiday Pleasures With A Glass Candy Cane

It’s that part of the year where the kinky Christmas toys come out! Knowing that I love all things glass in the sex toy department, my boyfriend decided to give me an early gift with the Glass Candy Cane. Sweet and innocent enough to look appropriate on your Christmas tree, but kinky enough to keep in your bedside table, this glass sex toy had me hooked from the start!

This is as basic as glass sex toys come, really – and that’s not a bad thing! The toy itself is just over 8 inches in length, with around 1 inch of thickness. Technically, all of it is insertable, but I really wouldn’t suggest trying to stuff the entire thing up there! (There being either your anus or vagina – as it can be used for both!) It’s a smooth sided toy, which is perfect for those who don’t like the muss and fuss that some ribbed and ridged glass sex toys can give.

One of my favorite activities to do with glass sex toys is to heat them up. Yes – these puppies can actually be quite cold when played with at “room temperature”. If I’m thinking ahead, I usually take it into the shower with me and stick it in the water with me. After a while, the glass heats up to the shower water’s temperature. When I’m not that forward thinking, I just tend to stick it in a bowl of reasonably warm water for a good 10 to 15 minutes before playing with it. The Glass Candy Cane is thin enough that it heats up quickly – but this also means that it tends to lose that heat just as fast. The good thing is, playing with it internally keeps it warm!Holiday Pleasures With A Glass Candy CaneIf there’s any down side to the Glass Candy Cane is that it is rather holiday-ish. It’s got that classic curved crook shape that goes along with its sugary name sake, with a swirling red stripe wrapping it’s way around. Not that it bothers me, mind you. I wouldn’t have any issue playing with this sex toy in the heat of the summer! The hook itself is quite drastic, and may not reach certain women’s g-spots as well as others. As with all sex toys – your mileage may vary!

Yes – this is totally one of those sex toys that you can slip into your lover’s Christmas stocking and not have her die of total embarrassment if she opens it up in front of her grandmother. So go ahead – add a bit of festive cheer to your sex toy collection!