Hot Summer Role Play Fantasies

My latest man is on one of the most unique experiences with me that we’ve both ever been on. It’s for that reason alone that I may keep him around for a little while. Not only is he amazingly hot in bed, but he loves to role play. It’s something that I’ve never actually tried before. While my sexual life is certainly one of experience, this is one area that I haven’t tried, and after doing it with him several times, I have no idea why. We’ve been doing role play for about 6 months now, and I’ve noticed that when summer comes around, the game of it all changes completely. Here are some role play fantasies that I definitely suggest you try out before it gets too cold.

summer role play fantasies


If this one isn’t the first one you try I have no idea. It’s actually the simplest one of them all. I merely played a damsel in distress, nearly drowning in a nearby desolate lake. My man came and rescued me, dragged me to shore, and I ravaged him as my thanks. Very fun and easy to do if you can find a beach that no one else is at.

The Pool Boy

Obviously, you need to have a pool boy for this one. I had my man dress up in nothing but a pair of shorts and some sandals and told him to start cleaning the pool. I literally fell right into the role of this one. He’s so hot with his shirt off, that I just spent 30 minutes starting at him from our 2nd story window imagining what I was going to do to him. I walked out with a glass of lemonade and proceeded to put the moves on him. Of course, he didn’t stop me. It was the first time I ever had poolside sex.

The Running Hiker

I love to run, but he definitely doesn’t, so I took this idea out of his love for hiking. I ran down the trail, while he was running up. I pretended to have to stop as I crossed paths with him, seductively bent over, and tied my shoe. He grabbed me from behind and the rest is history. Again, make sure you find a nice private trail for this one. There’s plenty of them around, you just need to look where no one else is.

The Tennis Players

We have an abandoned tennis court nearby our house. People play at it every once in a blue moon. Whoever won the game had to go down on the other first. We made sure to wear tennis outfits for the realest feel possible. I think he decided to throw the match just so I would get on my knees in a short white skirt. Game. Set. Match.

Role playing isn’t about finding new ways to have sex. It’s about trying to place yourself in someone else’s shoes and fulfill the fantasies that several of us have throughout our lives. I know there are plenty of ladies out there that would love to have their way with a sexy lifeguard. I hope your man is just as open as mine is about it, so you can find the same sensual experience that I’ve found.