Hours Of Sex Thanks To The Heavy Duty Position Master

When you first look at the Heavy Duty Position Master, you might think it’s some kind of weird bondage contraption. Don’t let this get in the way of your vanilla sex lives – this sex positioner helped improve our sex sessions from a quick “pop off” to something that we can enjoy for hours on end.

I’m not the most athletic of people in the world. Running around after my kids all day makes night time sex something that’s typically short in duration. (Not due to any issues with my husband, mind you. We just get plain old tired.) We’ve fantasized about hour-long lovemaking evenings, drawing out our orgasms to something akin to the fireworks you read about in romance novels. My body, unfortunately, wasn’t up for the challenge.

Then came the Heavy Duty Position Master – the lazy-girl’s sex system. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh – I’m not really ‘lazy’ when it comes to bedroom games. But the way that this strap system lets you keep your legs up in the air without needing to use your actual muscles to do so? You’re looking at some serious sex time top ups!Heavy Duty Position MasterThis easy to use contraption slips over your thighs. The weight of your legs is held up by a second set of straps that go around your shoulders. When you lay back, there’s almost no need for your thigh muscles as the Heavy Duty Position Master takes all the weight. There’s another strap that crosses over your stomach that makes sure your legs don’t spread TOO far apart. For the kinky folks out there, there are also a pair of wrist straps that can attach to the shoulder ones, that will restrict your arm movement. It even comes with a blindfold. (We’re not really into that sort of stuff, so they’ve been left to the wayside.)

Hours of sex. Seriously. We sent the kiddos off to their grandparents’ house for the weekend and we just spent it naked and making love. I felt like Sting’s wife (or at least all those urban myths you read about Sting and his lovemaking duration)! Sure, we didn’t use the Heavy Duty Position Master the whole time, but I’ll say it was on more often than not. You are limited to your positioning in the setup, but if you’re looking for something that will help hold you up so you can handle long lasting sex – this is something you want to pick up in the after-Valentine’s Day sales!