How Much Should I Spend On A Rabbit Vibe

You’ve clicked onto Adam and Eve, narrowed down your search to ‘rabbit vibrators’ and are slightly staggered at the choice out there. Not only are you faced with a ton of options as far as the toy itself goes, the prices span the gamut as well. From cheap and cheerful rabbits for under $30, all the way up to sex toys that will set you back three figures, there is a rabbit out there for every budget imaginable. But how do you decide which price range is right for you? Be sure your expectations are in line with the amount you’re willing to spend.

Low End – If you’re new to rabbit vibes and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can still get decent models for under $30. For the most part, these will have a singular phallic shaped shaft and an extended arm that is shaped like a rabbit. This rabbit almost always has the ability to vibrate, with some models also having vibrators in the shaft itself. Rabbit vibes at the low end of the price range are battery powered, usually multiple AA or AAA batteries. We’d suggest the Posh Silicone Double Dancer Vibrator for those just starting out and looking to spend as little as possible.How Much Should I Spend On A Rabbit VibeMiddle Price Range – In the $35 to $40 price range, you can get some remote controlled rabbit vibes, like the Adam & Eve Rabbit Pearl Vibrator. Many of these mid-range models (those up to $100) also have secondary sensations such as rotating beads in the shaft or shafts that move themselves. You’re still sticking with basic vibration patterns in this price range, but you do start to see a greater variety of patterns and speeds as you move up the money scale. Some of the rabbit vibrators priced under $100 also come with third arms designed for anal penetration.

High End Luxury – One of the biggest differences that you will notice with high end rabbit vibrators is that the majority of them are rechargeable, like the Embrace Rechargeable Bunny Wand. This will eliminate the need to keep batteries on standby (as long as you remember to charge up your toy beforehand). The ‘look’ of the vibrators also has a shift when it comes to rabbits with a higher price tag. There are less of the ‘cutsie’ looking transparent sex toys, and more sleek and sexy models that are often coated in silicone or another matte finish. These are definitely the toys to buy if you’re looking to spoil yourself!