How Realistic Masturbators Are Made

Realistic masturbators are some of the most popular male sex toys on the market. Many of these fake vaginas, fake mouths and fake anal holes are in fact inspired by the bodies of popular adult stars. When realism is what gets your fella off, there’s little more that checks all the boxes than male masturbators made with the body of a porn star in mind. So how does one make a porn star masturbator?

For the lower-end masturbators, the adult star’s body parts are meticulously measured and photographed from every angle. Since realistic features are the key for these toys, often the star will become aroused so that the vaginal area has a pink and plump appearance. These photos are sent off to an artist who then sculpts a realistic portrayal of the porn star’s body parts. If the star isn’t able to sit down for a photo session just for their line of toys, sometimes stills from their movies will be used. These castings are then used to create a mold where the masturbator material is poured to in order to mass-produce these toys.How Realistic Masturbators Are Made

Some of the most famous realistic male masturbators use a method that’s even more close to nature – direct molds casted against the porn star’s own body. Most of these ladies sit for three different castings – their mouth, vagina and anus. This involves using a resin to create a ‘negative’ cast against the model’s body. Then this cast is used to create the ‘positive’ that you see in your favorite porn star masturbator. Once again, the material the toy is made from is poured into these molds. These higher end toys tend to use much softer and flesh-like feeling materials, giving it almost a skin-to-skin sensation when it’s being used.

What if you’d prefer a porn star dildo for realistic penetration rather than a hole to fill? The process is somewhat the same for the male porn stars used as inspiration. The less expensive models use photos and measurements, the higher end ones involve direct casting. You can actually do this process yourself at home with kits like the Clone-A-Willy kit, and make a realistic penis duplicate for your lover to enjoy!