How The Evolved Romance Collection Saved My Valentines Day

I had booked a small weekend away with my wife for Valentine’s Day. I had asked that the hotels take care of getting things like roses, champagne, candles, and any other things they thought would be appropriate for the evening. When they let me down, this little collection of sex toys, lubes, games and more – the Evolved Romance Collection – saved my butt.

Let me rewind a bit. My wife had been dropping hints since before Christmas that she wanted our tenth Valentine’s Day together to be special. She left magazines with rose-petal strewn beds open on my desk. Her laptop was left on to a page at Adam & Eve showing a list of vibrators she wanted. I knew that just the weekend away I had planned wouldn’t cut it. So I emailed the concierge of the hotel we were staying at, asking if getting these things for her and having them in our room would be a problem. At first it wasn’t, but literally on our way to the airport to head to the hotel, I get a call saying that my plans had fallen through and there was a ‘miscommunication’. I still had the room and all that usually came with it, but all my extras weren’t something they’d take care of.

Luckily, I had a backup plan already in place. I had bought the Evolved Romance Collection thinking I would use a few of the items in the kit to add to the Valentine’s Day card I got her. I didn’t know I would need all of the contents that night. I’ve got to say – what was included in this Valentine’s Day sex kit was pretty impressive. A vibrator, cock ring, bondage ties, a blindfold, temporary jewel tattoo, love coupons, dirty dice, battery powered tea candles, two difference lubes, a condom, this little slapping toy, and fake rose petals were all included in the Evolved Romance Collection.

evolved romance collection

When we got to the hotel room, I saw the disappointed look on my wife’s face. Luckily, the hotel had left her a note explaining that they were sorry that my requests (listing them all) were not able to be met. (I personally think they did this to cover my ass – which was nice of them.) The small smile on her face grew quite larger when I handed her over the Evolved Romance Collection and she opened it up to see what was inside. This little sex toy kit certainly did save me that day!