How This Springs Fashions Translate To Lingerie

It’s that time of the year when we start going through our wardrobe to see what’s needed to be fashion forward this spring. While you may be concentrating on your dresses, pants and skirts, don’t forget one rather important part of your wardrobe – the underwear! Lingerie follows mainstream fashion trends and this year’s looks are flowing quite well into those delicious undergarments. So what do you need to look out for in the world of lingerie this year?

Pinks – The color pink is making it back into our springtime wardrobes ones again, along with peaches, corals and other pastels. The lingerie world seems to be taking two paths with the color pink – either over the top, or rather understated. If you’re looking for the total pink look, check out the Candy Cat Chemise from Seven Til Midnight. There’s also a great pink-based piece called the Curve Pushup Polkadot Babydoll and Hipster Panty from the same Seven Til Midnight that gives more of a hint of pink without being over the top girly.How This Springs Fashions Translate To Lingerie

Breathable Materials – Gone are the days of latex and other suffocating materials (that is in the mainstream lingerie world – we do love a bit of fetishwear!). This season is all about the lightweight materials that let your skin enjoy that fresh air, yet still be somewhat covered. The On The Prowl Babydoll is a light nylon and spandex blend that lets the air pass through the mesh material. Great for those hot nights – no matter if it’s the weather bringing up the temperature or something else!

Fabric Mixing – Jeans and lace? Mesh fabric and plaids? This season is all about bringing together varied styles of fabric in a single piece. The Powder Blue Dreams Babydoll gives us the look of denim mixed with lace, but with materials that are much softer for sleeping. We love that this set fits a wide range of sizes – from a Small 4 -6 all the way to a XL16, with the underwire giving ladies with larger breasts the support not often found in basic lingerie pieces.

Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? So tell us – what mainstream fashion items are you hoping make a crossover into the lingerie drawers this year? Leave a comment below and tell us what you’re eager to slip into to get a little bit more comfortable – and fashion forward!