How To Get Ben Wa Balls Out

Ben Wa balls are those small little sex toys that have been made oh-so popular by a certain erotic novel. While they have been around for years, their increase in popularity has led to a few questions about their use – more specifically, how to get these little round balls out of your vagina once they are in there! A lot of women worry that ben-wa balls can get lost inside their body –as in once they get in there, they can travel. Anatomically, this can’t happen. Sometimes, though, it can be slightly difficult to get them out, especially if they are higher up towards your cervix. Here are two methods used by women who use ben-wa balls on a regular basis.

One method to pull out the balls is using your fingers. First, wash your hands, including under your nails. Some ladies like to use this process in a squatting position, while others stand with one foot raised on a piece of furniture. Using your index finger and middle finger, insert them into your vagina and feel around for the balls. Once you’ve established where they are, form a hook with the tips of your fingers around the ball. Slowly ease it out, and repeat for the second ball. You may feel a bit of suction or pressure, depending on how tight you are. Let in a bit of air by pressing to one side with your fingers if this is the case.

ben wa ballsAnother more popular method is the “squat and push” style. Some women choose to do this on the toilet, but be ready to catch the balls rather than have them end up at the bottom of the bowl! Using a pressure similar to a bowel movement (or even giving birth), bear down on your vaginal muscles and push the balls out of your body. This requires a balance of relaxing certain muscles while putting pressure on others, and may take a few pushes to get them full dislodged.

You can also use a combination of both methods – bearing down while using your fingers to retrieve the ball. Most women find the combination the best – easing the balls down close to their opening with the pressure, then using their fingers to pull it out the last few inches.

Of course, you can remove the worry about “losing” ben wa balls internally if you use corded balls. These aren’t your traditional love balls, but they do have similar properties. Rather than two independent spheres, corded benwa balls have a retrieval line that hangs outside your body, somewhat like a tampon string. When your time with the balls is done, it’s as simple as pulling them out with the cord.