How To Take It All Off – Beginners Pubic Shaving Tips

Pubic hair shaving may seem like a passing thought for men and women who have been doing it for years, but you have to admit – that very first time you pressed that razor against your sensitive bits was a bit nerve wracking! If you’re looking for first time tips and tricks for shaving off your pubic hair, we’ve got the scoop you’re searching for!

Trim away excess length – If you’ve never shaved before, chances are you have quite a lot of growth down below. Before even thinking about taking a razor to your pubic hair, this needs to be trimmed down – to at least a quarter of an inch in length. The most basic way to do this is to use a pair of scissors. (Smaller moustache scissors make it easier to get into the corners.) But, the quickest and safest way to trim it all back are with hand-held hair trimmers like the one from Fetish Fantasy. These get down close to the skin without the worry of snipping anything sensitive.

Get the proper razor –  After you’ve got your hair down to a manageable length, this is where the two most important products come into play – the razor and the shaving cream. When it comes to your razor, you want something brand new. You can use disposable ones, but we suggest never using them more than two or three times before throwing them away. If you’re using more expensive razors with multiple blades, you can use them more often, but they need to be tossed after around half a dozen uses. The number one reason for razor burn and uncomfortable re-growth is a too-dull razor. Get something that fits in your hand well and you feel confident using.Beginners Pubic Shaving Tips

The shaving cream is just as important – This is not the time to skimp on the bargain basement shaving cream! If you’re on a budget, you can use a thick hair conditioner that you already have at your house. (Again – this isn’t the cheap and watery stuff.) Do not use soap – this can dry out the skin and make shaving difficult and sometimes painful. If you want to do it right, we suggest bypassing the shaving foam altogether and get something that’s thick, moisturizing and a cream. Coochy Cream is one of the most popular shaving products out there when it comes to pubic hair, used by adult film stars all over the globe. Be sure to read the directions before use, and let it sit on your skin for a while to help it moisturize both the skin and your hair before the shaving begins.

Go the flow – This is where things get a little controversial. Some experienced hair shavers say to only go with the grain of the hair – never against it. While this doesn’t give that ‘baby smooth’ feel that you can get from shaving against the grain, it does severely cut down on grow-back problems like ingrown hairs and itching. Others have developed routines for aftercare that help cut down on these concerns and are able to shave against the grain of the skin without any trouble. For beginners, we suggest going with the grain of the skin until you’re comfortable with the experience, then moving onto other directions.

Aftercare – Your pubic shaving routine doesn’t end there! Once you are out of the shower and dried off, you’ll want to apply a moisturizing lotion. If you’re using something new, don’t go with a lotion that’s scented. Your freshly shaved skin is very sensitive. Go with a basic body lotion. If you really want to spoil yourself and give your skin a treat, try out Dare To Be Bare Miracle Oil, that really get your skin happy – and cut back on any post-growth itching!