I Choose To Be Single And Happy

As of 2010, there were 99.6 million single people aged 18 and over, living in the United States. Singles compromise more and more of the population and many are embracing this lifestyle by choice and not by force. While many people still hold the marriage union sacred, others find that staying single keeps them happier. If you are amongst these millions of single people, it does not mean that you have to be alone. There is no rule in the single handbook that prevents your happiness with others.

happy and single

Just because you are single, does not mean that you have to be lonely. The single life often is seen as a pitiful existence of watching those around you fall in love, marry, and create children. The single life of the twenty-first century could not be farther from that antiquated view. Today, the single life has become a mainstream option that provides more benefits than negatives. Dating sites for singles have popped up all over the Internet and it seems that the art of dating fun has finally made it onto the scene.


There is no reason that a single person cannot date and have meaningful relationships without settling down and getting married. Many people prefer the exploration experience that they gleam from meeting a variety of people and enjoying life without being tied down to one relationship. Dating can be a wonderful way to meet friends and to socialize without the pressures that often come in the form of dating towards a marriage goal. Being single in this manner actually feels more freeing, allowing for the pure experience of dating.


Dating for singles should be fun and flirty. Singles should always be mindful of their relationships and never try to stick to one hard and fast rule. If you are single and out in the vast dating world, remember to stay true to yourself and to have fun doing it. Meet many different people from all walks of life and enjoy the wonderful experiences you are being given. The single life can truly be just as fulfilling as that of your married peers.

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