I Went To Work Wearing Ben-Wa Balls

I thought I’d last a lot longer than I did, or so at least the bet I placed this morning said so. Husband gave me a challenge on the Black Friday morning that I had to work. As I was grumbling out of bed about how all our friends and family had the day off, he sat up with a smirk on his face.

“I bet I can find a way to make the day interesting for you.”

ben-wa balls

He dared me to pop in my ben-wa balls right before I left for the subway, and keep them in as long as I could. He also wagered that by the time I got into my office, I’d need to take them out because of the sheer horniness buildup. Never one to turn down a challenge, I agreed, and took the “over” to his “under” wager. (We bet oral sex. Loser gives, winner receives.)

I got dressed and ready, washed my hands, pulled my panties to one side and popped the round meal balls inside me. The coldness of the balls gave me a little shiver, but soon I could feel they had warmed up to my body temperature and were starting to do their magic inside me. Just walking down the stairs from our apartment to the street was an adventure that early in the morning. As the balls moved against my insides, I could feel myself tightening and getting wetter and wetter.

But I didn’t want to lose this bet.

The sensation seemed like it was building upon itself. It wasn’t just a wave of desire, then it settled, then another one came. It was like the first one was making the second stronger, which in turn intensified the third. Down the street to the subway station, sitting on the hard seat while the train car rumbled downtown, up the stairs to street level, walking three blocks and up four flights of stairs to my office. By the time that I sat down in my seat, I was ready to burst.

I couldn’t handle it. I made my way to the restroom, squat down and pulled out the balls one by one. My hands were coated in my own juices, as were the balls. Luckily, no one was in the bathroom and I rinsed them both off in the sink quickly.

I looked down at my phone at a text from Husband. “Did you make it? xxx”

Snapping a picture of the balls at the bottom of the sink, I sent it off. “ L No. But I’m not going to swallow!!”