Is Halloween Candy Affecting Your Sex Drive?

Pretty soon, a lot of us will have bowls of leftover candy from Halloween, or at the very least a share of our children’s stash! But did you know that all that sugar could really have an effect on your sex drive? So before you open up that packet of jelly beans, or down your third mini candy bar, you might want to think about this if you want to keep your libido in check!

In a nutshell, higher levels of sugar in your body acts like a light switch to your hormone production. When it gets to a certain point, the sugar levels will turn off a gene that regulates your sex hormones. How this works is that when sugars (including simple sugars, glucose and fructose) are metabolized inside of your liver, the excess sugars are stored as fat lipids. In turn, these fat lipids are then synthesized in your body. If there is too much fat being synthesized, your body turns off the sex hormone binding globulin gene (SHBG gene). This SHBG gene is what controls testosterone and estrogen levels. And what controls your libido? You’re right – testosterone and estrogen!

But you’d think that the SHBG being turned off would cause the testosterone and estrogen to stop being produced – but that’s not the case. The gene actually ensures that there’s not an excess amount of those two hormones being produced. Too much testosterone and estrogen not only messes with your sex drive, it can cause increased acne, heart disease, infertility and even some forms of cancer. Is Halloween Candy Affecting Your Sex DriveDon’t assume that by swapping over to any number of the sugar substitutes on the market that you’ll get away with your libido intact.  One of the most popular sugar substitutes, aspartame, has been linked to a whole laundry list of problems that can affect your sex drive, including a reduction in serotonin levels and hormone imbalances that can lead to impotence.

As with everything in life – moderation is key. While sneaking a few sticks of licorice or a packet of popping candy to two isn’t going to destroy your sex life for good, binging on Halloween candy for weeks on end will certainly start to show it’s down sides. That being said, we can’t wait to get our hands on just a couple of candy necklaces or a packet of sour treats this Halloween!