Is the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager The End All – Be All Of Sex Toys

I have to admit – I’m a bit of a sex toy fiend. There was one kinky mountain that I had yet to climb, though – the mythical Hitachi Magic Wand Massager. My friends had ranted and raved about it. I saw cam girls and porn starts squirting when using them. It even gets a mention on mainstream television every once and a while. I had yet to try out this beast until I decided to bite the bullet and get myself one for Valentine’s Day.

I had heard all the poo-pooing about it before. The cord is too short. It’s a buzzy sensation rather than a thuddy, deep vibration. It’s only got two settings. It can create the dreaded ‘disappearing orgasm’ – where you build and build and suddenly, when you’re ready to cum, the sensation is too intense and it’s over as quick as a snap. I’d also seen the face of a number of women using this toy before, and the level of ecstasy they went through is something I could only dream about. It was so powerful that you could make yourself orgasm though a pair of jeans (as in, leave them on and use it over the top). I decided to give it a try for myself.

hitachi wand massager

A few days after I placed my order, the standard brown non-descript box arrived at my door. (Incidentally, do any other companies other than sex toy retailers use these boxes anymore?) Once I had a free afternoon, I took it out and had a look. This thing was HEAVY! It probably only weighs a couple of pounds at most, but when you’re used to handling smaller bullet vibes and the occasional jelly dildo – well, it’s like going from a hammer to a pneumatic nail gun. I used an extension cord so that I could lay down comfortably in my bed while testing out the toy.

Took a swig of my wine, flicked the switch and got ready for the ride.

Yes, it was buzzy – both in sound and sensation. (It was loud – something that you’re not going to get away with if you have thin walls.) Tested it over a pair of thin cotton pants and panties at first. If I was sensitive, I bet I would have cum just from that. Took a bit of getting used it when I did lay it on my bare flesh, but it was the quickest first orgasm I ever had. Certainly not squirt-worthy, but I don’t think I built up to it enough. A day later, I had another go, this time taking it slow and steady. Then came the ‘top of the lungs’ screaming orgasm I had witnessed in porn movies. After I had regained sanity shortly after coming down off the orgasmic high, I decided that while the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager was worth every penny I paid for it, it wasn’t an ‘everyday’ sex toy. For that, I’ll stick to my tiny little finger vibe!