Keeping Sexy Times With A Snoring Man

Sure a snoring partner is annoying, but there are so many side effects to you and your loved one keeping you up at night. Beyond the fact that a snoring partner is the number three cause of divorce in the US, it robs the non-snoring partner of their sleep and leads to a less than restful one for the person making all the noise.

One of the first things to suffer when the snoring problem kicks into high gear is sex. You’re both too tired to perform, since neither of you is getting a decent night’s sleep. You may start to associate the bedroom in a negative light – the place you want to relax and unwind, but can’t. You may even start to resent your partner for keeping you up at night. So how can you keep those sexy times intact when your other half is a snorer?

First, communicate with your lover. Try and be tactful about suggesting ways to get him not to snore. This may involve seeing a doctor, so use ‘baby steps’ if your guy is one that resists medical appointments with every fiber of his being. Then, while the snoring problem is being tackled, there are a few new ideas for you to keep the spark going.Keeping Sexy Times With A Snoring Man

Are you sometimes spending the night in separate rooms due to the noise situation? Make a role play out of it. Meet separately at a local bar, flirt with him like he’s someone you’ve never met before. Invite him back to your place for a one night stand in that guest bedroom you usually don’t sleep in. Send him on his way when your ‘one night stand’ is done. Lucky for him, his room is only a few doors down the hallway.

If you’d prefer to keep it at home, have a sexy steamy shower with your man before you head to bed. The steam will help open up his nasal passages. Not only will this help alleviate some of the possible causes for his snoring, it’ll also give you some great foreplay before you head into the bedroom. The longer you’re in the shower, the better it is for his snoring. We’re sure you can come up with some way to pass the time!

Has your bedroom turned into a trigger for anxiety? Who says you need to have all your sexy times in there? Pick a surface and ‘christen’ it. Head outdoors and see how the sun feels on your skin – just be sure to pick a location you know won’t get you into trouble!

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