Lelo Ono Makes My Birthday

One of the perks for writing for sex blogs is that you get the most interesting birthday gifts. This year, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Lelo Ono arrive in my mail box a few days after my birthday events had settled down. It had been on my ‘wish list’ for a while, and I did quite a little dance when I opened the box and saw it grinning happily back at me.

The Lelo Ono was quite a bit bigger than I anticipated it would be. I’m used to clit vibrators being little hand-held toys which are quite discreet. Not the Ono! Rather than the kind of toy that you hold in your hand and press against your body, the Lelo Ono is at its best when it is ridden on. It’s big – not as big as the other famous riding sex toy, the Sybian but it will certainly take up some space in your toy chest. It’s about the size of a softball without the suction cup base attached.

The Ono didn’t spent too much time in my toy chest before I broke it out for a try. The morning after it arrived, I took it out, popped in 3 AA batteries, and screwed the base onto the unit. The threads didn’t like up quite well, so it too a bit more effort than I’d like to get the bottom back on. I decided that rather than taking this waterproof toy into the shower to try it out in all its glory, I’d have a go at it in my bedroom. The two button control was easy to use, and soon enough it’s quite hum was drowned out by the sound of my own heartbeat in my ears as my head thrashed back and forth with pleasure. My first round, I was flat on my back, pressing the toy against me. Round two consisted of me mounting it cowgirl style, with the fat end stimulating my vagina while the smaller end teased my clit. The second orgasm came faster and harder than the first, and was certainly something that I’d want to experience again.

Later that night, my desire for the Lelo Ono peaked again, and I decided to try out the toy on my back end. I mounted it again, and maneuvered the fat end onto my ass, while the smaller end played with my perineum. Using my We-Vibe Touch on my clit, I was close to being overloaded with pleasurable sensations.

Both the Lelo Ono and the We-Vibe Touch are pretty higher-end toys. They aren’t for ladies who aren’t sure what they like. But, if you’re someone like me who has a decent amount of experience with sex toys, and you want something that pushes all the right buttons, I would whole-heartedly suggest making the investment. These toys are manufactured by companies who are known for their quality toys, so your investment won’t be a waste!

Now…which Lelo toy to add to my wish list to replace the Ono? The Lyla Sense Motion looks quite delicious….