Lies Ladies Hear About Love

If you’re returning to the dating scene after years of being in a committed relationship, or if you’ve always been single and are struggling to find the right partner, there are a few common ‘love curses’ out there that you may be hearing over and over again. Usually, these reflect other women’s lack  of success for love. Other times they’re just old wives’ tales that might somehow apply to your situation. Thankfully, they are all lies. So what are these relationship fictions that ladies hear about love?

All the good guys are taken. Statistically this isn’t possible – at least for American men and women. Half of the over-18 population in the United States is single. They aren’t all single because they’re not good! Guys become (or remain) single for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with their own failures in life. Some guys get divorced because they just grow apart from their partners. Others become widows. Some men don’t start longer term relationships until later in life as that’s just how they’ve matured. Don’t paint all single men with the same brush!

I never meet any interesting guys. We’ve found that the ladies who tend to say this actually aren’t all that active in the dating scene. Of course you’re never going to meet a man who is interesting if you’re not meeting men at all! If you’re looking around for that ‘bad boy’ to get your blood pumping, remember that more than likely, you’re not going to want him to have those naughty qualities for his entire life. How will you handle that when your attempts to change him don’t work?Lies Ladies Hear About LoveThere aren’t any single men around where I am. This is a similar version of the ‘all good guys are taken’ excuse, brought down to the neighborhood level. While there are certainly areas where the married population is over 50% there will be single men no matter where you live. If you’ve actually put effort into finding a local date and it’s just not working, hit the online sites or look to other locations in your vicinity.

Guys today really don’t want relationships. Can we all agree that these types of generalizations do more harm than good? There are single men who are looking for long term relationships just as much as those who are only looking for something shorter term. If you find yourself dating men who talk about how much he loves dating women, or that he’s planning on a big move soon – chances are he’s not wanting to settle down. On the inverse, if he’s telling you that he’s tired of dating he may be looking to settle down with someone he cares about. Guys don’t come with signs saying what they want in life – you need to do a bit of searching to find that out.

I’m not settling for anything less than perfection – and it doesn’t exist. Is it any surprise why women like this are still unhappily single? Just like you have your own imperfections that make you a ten, guys will have the same flaws. Are you expecting him to look beyond the small stuff and get to know you? You should be thinking the same. Prince Charming is a fairy tale – it’s time to start your search for your new partner in the real world!

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