Making Your Sex Toy Batteries Last Longer

We’ve all come across the disaster of not having working batteries when it comes time to turn on your toys. Or worse – there’s enough juice to get it going, but right before you climax, your toy starts to slow down. What can you do to get your sex toy batteries to last longer? Are those rumors about batteries in the fridge really true? Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your sex toy batteries!

1. Get rechargeable batteries. A lot of the most serious sex toy users have several sets of rechargeable batteries on hand to change out in the event of an orgasmic emergency. While the only style rechargeable batteries needed to be fully drained before charging up again, newer styles let you charge on the fly, and replace then as they get full.

2. Buy your batteries in bulk. There are a number of websites all over the internet that will let you buy a four pack of batteries. But, there are others that will sell you ten times as many at a deeply discounted price. If your sex toy eats batteries like candy, and you don’t want to go down the rechargeable route, be sure you have a sufficient stash on hand!Making Your Sex Toy Batteries Last Longer3. Keep your batteries in a cool dry place. You may have heard that keeping your batteries in the fridge will expand their lives, but test after test has shown that the amount of improvement you see is statistically insignificant. You also have to wait until they come back to room temperature to use them! So rather than waste the time waiting for your batteries to warm, keep them in an area that never reaches more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit and out of direct sun light.

4. Splurge on lithium batteries. While these types of batteries can cost up to five times as much as your standard batteries, they make up for that in duration. You’ll get more use for your dollar with lithium batteries.

5. Don’t mix old and new batteries. Not all batteries drain at the same rate. In fact, newer batteries will drain quicker when mixed with older ones, reducing the total life span of the battery. You can pick up battery testers from many electronics shops that will cost you less than $10.

6. Always turn off and remove the batteries when not in use. Done with your vibrator for the day? Open up the battery slot and pop those babies out. You need to take out the batteries to clean your sex toy anyway, so just leave them out when you’re done. It may take you a few extra minutes to insert them  back in when it’s time play, but the extra battery juice will be there!