Masturbation Tips for Self-Loving Newbies

It may be hard to believe, but there are boatloads of women out there who haven’t taken the time to discover the pleasures of their own bodies. Be it a cultural taboo, a lack of desire, or just not having a clue as to how fun it can be, there are masturbation newbies out there! If you’ve never spend the time and effort to get to know your own body, here are a few tips and tricks for ladies who want the best self-loving sessions possible!

Know your body! Did you snooze during those junior high sex education classes? It may be time to hit the internet and get a refresher on your basic anatomy. Then, set yourself down in front of a mirror, spread your legs and find your erogenous zones, especially your clitoris and vaginal opening. Don’t be afraid to spread your labia majora (outer vaginal “flaps”) and labia minora (inner versions) to get a complete picture of your body.

female masturbation

You don’t need to start with any toys. Your own hand is the best tool around when it comes to exploring what turns you on and what doesn’t. (Make sure your hands and nails are clean before starting your journey.) Get to know your anatomy use your index finger to find and rub your clit to see how much pressure, speed and what type of rhythm works best for you. Insert your finger into your vagina, and see how that feels. No need for hardcore pushing and thrusting – you’re just learning what your body enjoys at this point.

Don’t be afraid to use lube. Anxiety can dry you out make masturbation a less than pleasant experience. Don’t go for the stereotypical petroleum jelly or hand lotion – they can actually do more harm than good. You can get basic female lubricants at your local drug store. If you are going to eventually use toys, and those toys are made from silicone, do NOT use a silicone based lubricant as it can break down the materials in your toys.