More Fifty Shades Fun At Adam & Eve

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie excitement has now reached the next level with the release of the trailer. If you’re into this series of books as much as we are, you’re counting down the days to the Valentine’s Day release. Adam and Eve is ready to satisfy your kinky fuckery desires with even more official Fifty Shades toys and tools during the lead up to the movie’s release.  We’re putting down the floggers and handcuffs for just a moment to concentrate on the Sensual Care Collection of lotions, lubricants and safe sex products.

Previously only available in Europe, the Sensual Care Collection has moved to America for all the Greysessed fans to enjoy. There are three items that stand out from this set that we really love – the lubricants. For those who are exploring anal pleasures for the first time, At Ease Anal Lubricant is a great way to enjoy this formerly ‘taboo’ pleasure. The thick formulation is actually water based, which means you can use it with latex condoms as well as the majority of sex toys, including anal training kits. For ladies who like something extra with their lubes, there’s the Come Alive Pleasure Gel for Her. This lubricant has additional ingredient that increase the sensitivity of the clitoris. Arginine and other special ingredients increase the blood flow, making the area that much more prone to pleasure. There’s an all-purpose water based lube called “Ready for Anything” Aqua Lubricant. This lube is great not only to use on its own, but it’s also toy safe and condom safe.

Speaking of condoms, the team at Fifty Shades has now released their very own safe sex product. Aptly named Foil Packet after the phrase from the book, these ultra-thin latex condoms come pre-lubricated with a water based, non-spermicidal lube. You’ll get a dozen in each box, leaving you to replay your own versions of Anastasia and Christian – safe sex included!

For when the sessions are done, E L James and her team have come out with the After Spanking Cream. Great to use during aftercare, this 1.7 oz jar of water based cream helps cool the skin down. Many submissives – especially those who can’t have marks showing on their skin when the fun is done – know that moisturizing the skin after play helps take down the redness and allow the skin to recover quicker. The Fifty Shades spanking cream is scented with oils that remind us of Christian Grey himself – sandalwood, bergamot and musk.More Fifty Shades Fun At Adam & EveLast, but not least, for those times where you want to concentrate on the sensual side of Anastasia and Christian’s play, there’s the Fifty Shades of Grey Massage Me Candle. Unlike your usual bottled massage oil, this little piece of pleasure has a unique twist. Lighting the wick melts down the ‘wax’ into a warm massage oil. Use the included spoon to drip the warmed liquid onto the skin. It doesn’t get as hot – or as solid – as candle wax, and makes a great medium for sensual massage. The coconut oil and jojoba scents are released when the candle is lit. So if you’re on your own and just want something romantic in the air, this can also be used as a standard aromatherapy candle.

So tell us – which of the new Fifty Shades pleasure products are you looking to get your hands on next?