Moving Beyond Fifty Shades of Grey

Thousands of women all over the globe are exploring their submissive side thanks to the smash hit Fifty Shades novels. We’ve learned all about floggers, crops and blindfolds thanks to Christian Grey’s teachings, but did you know there are beginner bondage toys that weren’t covered in the book? Here are four pieces of BDSM equipment that may have been missed off by E L James, but we think are prefect for beginner bondage learners!

Mouth Gags – With so much focus on pain and physical restraint, mouth gags often get overlooked as a basic toy that even the most squeamish of submissives can enjoy. Made in various styles, mouth gags restrict the movement of the jaw and tongue, rendering the wearer speechless. Some like the gag found in the Purple Pleasure Bondage Set are designed for easy breathing, while others are solid balls that aren’t quite as forgiving. Since you won’t be able to verbalize while wearing a mouth gag, be sure that you have a safety signal in addition to your safety word that will let your lover know that you need to take it down a few notches!

Bondage Tape – If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to bondage sets and rope, bondage tape may just be your answer. You may think you can skip this one and use standard duct tape or electrical tape – but you’d be mistaken. Bondage tape is specifically made for use on the skin, and many can be reused over multiple sessions. Some don’t even have any actual adhesive, and just rely on the properties of the tape itself to bind itself together. They are also quite cheap, with bondage tape like the Neon Pleasure Bondage Tape selling for less than $10.beyond 50shades of greyWax Play Candles – While this was briefly touched upon in conversations, the actual use of hot candle wax didn’t make an appearance in the Fifty Shades novels. You may think that this is a bit of an advanced tool, but beginner wax play candles like the Fashionistas Glass Drip Candle burn at a lower temperature than your standard candle for those who aren’t ready to jump right in to this style of temperature play. If you are new to wax play, definitely stay away from birthday candles and bees wax candles as they burn at a much higher temperature and can cause some real damage!

Cock Cages – We’re guessing that this specific toy didn’t get a mention in the novels since Christian Grey’s time as a submissive was not well detailed – but we bet that Elena would have made him wear a cock cage at some point! These devices are strapped around a submissive man’s penis, preventing him from masturbating. Some cock cages can be extremely expensive, but for those just starting out, basic units like the Silicone Cock Cage & Ring Set won’t break the bank.