My Adventures With A Male Masturbator

After going through carpel tunnel surgery on my hand, I knew that I had a few weeks of recovery ahead of me. The problem was, one of my favorite things to do with my boyfriend is to jerk him off. Trust me – I hate blow jobs and I was so worried that it would be the go-to activity when my hand decided to not work anymore.

So, since my right hand was out of action, and my left hand was barely coordinated enough to pull it off, I thought that we were looking at four weeks of him masturbating himself. That was, until I found out about male masturbators.

In case you haven’t seen these male sex toys before, they’re usually made of a jelly-like material that slides over the shaft of the penis, and is stroked back and forth. It basically simulates vaginal sex or blow jobs. Since I did have some movement in my hand, and the male masturbators would be able to get my guy to cum quicker, I thought I’d get one and give it a try.

I decided to go with one of the realistic pussy ones that were easy to clean up. Sure, there were cheaper ones, but I think this is one of the sex toys where you get what you pay for. My boyfriend was slightly intimidated by the fake fold of ‘vagina skin’ as he called it. Once I got him aroused though, I don’t think he was too picky. Using my left hand, it was easy to push his cock into the toy, and move it up and down in a somewhat rhythmic pattern. If I had tried to do this with just my hand wrapped around his shaft, I would have got too tired and too rough pretty quickly. Since I was gripping the outer plastic casing of the toy, though, I didn’t have to worry about squeezing his manhood too tightly.

Soon enough I heard those familiar grunts that let me know he was close. It certainly took a lot less time than it usually did when it was just me and my right hand working on him! He emptied himself out into the toy, and ended with a satisfied grin on his face. He was happy with the results, and pulled himself out. Being the good little girlfriend that I was, I took the toy to the bathroom to clean out. Disconnecting the pieces took two hands, so my boyfriend helped me out with that part. All in all, it was a quick clean up and I had it dried and stored away in not much time at all.