My Adventures With Vibrating Panties

“Seriously? Vibrating panties?”

That was the uncontrolled reaction that spilled out of my mouth when I opened up the package that my lovely husband had ordered me for Valentine’s Day. I always got excited when the boxes from arrived, but I was quite taken back that this is what he had decided to get me this year. Thankfully, my initial expectations were trumped by the wonder that is the Vibrating Boy Shorts.

remote control vibrating pants

Vibrating Panty

In case you’ve never seen these types of toys before, they are your typical boy short undies, with a small pocket in the front that you can slip a bullet vibrator into. Some of the cheaper versions I have seen are wired – as in they’ve got a wire that goes from the vibrator to the remote control that turns on the vibe. Thankfully, hubby spent a bit more and got a wireless pair. Before stripping down and giving it a full-on try, I slipped the shorts over the leggings I was wearing, just to see how it fit. I took out the small remote and gave it a press.

And I jumped.

I didn’t expect for this little vibe to actually provide me with any type of sensation that would lead to an orgasm. Even through a layer of tights and my actual panties, this little bullet packed some serious power. I tossed my husband the remote and tested out the distance. He got almost 30 feet away before the signal didn’t reach the vibe. I knew then that we would be in for an interesting evening.

We were planning on going to a friend’s house that evening for dinner and drinks with a few other couples. I put my new panties on as they were meant to be – next to bare skin – and slipped my dress over the top. Hubby and I are a bit on the exhibitionist side to start with, but we also knew that the company that we were seeing were not. Thankfully, one of the other positive sides to the additional cost for these panties is the fact that it’s pretty much silent. Hubby gave it a try while I was dressed, and it sounded more like a vibrating phone than a vibrating clit massager. That one little test, by the way, almost made me want to stay home to put these panties to full use!

Throughout the night, my husband kept the vibe remote in his pocket. Every so often, he’d give it a little press, and send my clit into ecstasy. At first he would only use it while I was sitting down, but as the night rolled on and the wine started flowing a bit faster, he got more adventurous with his controller and almost had me cumming while I was walking across the room! At this point, I was absolutely soaked, and was getting close to orgasming each time he teased me. No one had a clue what was going on. I’m guessing they thought that my red face and shortness of breath was from a bit too much alcohol!

Finally, on the drive back home, my husband held down the buzzer and let me cum while in the car. I can’t say it was a completely earth shattering orgasm, but given the fact that I was almost there several times during the night, it was a welcome relief! Hubby helped himself to my dripping pussy when we got at home, treating me to a few more O’s before the night was done.

Seriously – vibrating panties.