My Anal Training Graduation Gift – The 10 Function Flexi-Risque Probe

Looking back now, if you would have told me two months ago I would be getting an anal training graduation gift, I probably would have laughed at you. But, after a discussion with my anal-wanting husband and six weeks of anal sex training, I’m now looking at my brand new 10 Function Flexi-Risque Probe. It’s not quite the standard graduation gift, but it’s certainly appropriate for what I’ve accomplished in the last month and a half!

After what seemed like months of my husband coaxing me into trying anal sex, I broke down and said I’d be willing to give it a try. The compromise was – we’d do it on my terms. I knew that jumping right in to full on penetrative anal sex wasn’t the smartest way to go. Not only would it be pretty damn painful, it could also damage my body. We picked up an anal training kit, some lubricant and a few condoms (for easy cleanup of the toys) for our new adventure. I even got my husband to actually read up on how the whole anal training process went. After six weeks of successful training, I was able to take both a butt plug as well as my husband’s penis without any issue at all.

And as a reward, hubby got me the 10 Function Flexi-Risque Probe. He knew that while I was really enjoying our new found sexual style, I was much more into the bulb style anal play that we got to know through my training. The roundness and fullness of anal probes like this one turned me on a whole lot more. The fact that this anal toy also was flexible, had vibrations, and was waterproof. This is going to be my go-to anal toy for a while!10 Function Flexi-Risque ProbeMy first try with the 10 Function Flexi-Risque Probe had me sopping wet for a number of reasons. Even though I had been trained and would be able to take on most standard sized sex toys, the fact that the tip of this anal probe is tapered made it a breeze to insert. I slapped a bit of our favorite silicone lube onto the tip to make it even easier. The bulky base makes it easy to hold onto, but this isn’t the type of butt toy that you can wear for hours on end under your clothing – just too bottom heavy! The plus side is that even if you’re a wriggler in the bedroom like me, the flexible shaft moves with you, making it less likely to pop out.

It’s not your standard graduation gift, but the 10 Function Flexi-Risque Probe is certainly an appropriate one for those who have just completed their anal training!