My Experience with Asa Akira’s “V-Trap”

I’m the definition of a lonely guy. Divorced, no girlfriend, with only my right hand to keep me company. To be honest, I was getting bored of the same sort of sexual experience that I was providing for myself, so I figured I’d spend a few dollars of my hard earned cash to brighten things up. I hopped onto Adam and Eve to see what they had available, and I came across their Fleshlight male masturbators. my experience with asa akiraWith quite the selection of mouth, pussies and assholes, as well as various porn star signature models, I had a decent amount of choice. I settled on Asa Akira’s Fleshlight, since I was familiar with her movies and enjoyed her appearance. I clicked the “Add to Cart” button, plugged in my payment details, and it was soon shipped off to my apartment.

Within days I was cutting the packing tape open to reveal my new sex toy. I had purchase toys in the past, but it was more for my then-partner rather than a toy purely for myself. After getting all the packaging open, I was left with the lightweight and someone interesting looking Fleshlight. It had a slight latexy/plastic smell to it, but it didn’t turn me off of using it. I gave it a quick rinse and dry (I do like to make sure my toys are clean before I use them), and slapped a bit of the lube on the opening. The lube made it very easy to slip into this tight little toy, and the first stroke back almost sent me over the edge right there. I had to pause for a minute or two so I wouldn’t blow my load after two strokes. It really did feel as good as a blow job!

I adjusted the tightness of the masturbator and got myself into a rhythm that lead me into a few minutes of build-up. I couldn’t hold back for long, though, and soon I was filling up Asa Akira’s pussy with my cum. Yes, this was certainly better than my right hand!

Cleanup wasn’t too bad. I took apart the plastic pussy bit from the harder casing and ran it under some warm water. Once it looked like all my goo was gone, I soaked it a bit in some soapy water. Gave it a quick shake while covering both ends, and bathed it with some new clean water. Left it out to dry overnight, and placed it back into its housing the next day.

Fleshlights run around $80 for signature models, $70 for generic ones. I say it’s worth the cost. That’s almost as much as I pay for a video game that wouldn’t give me near as much pleasure!