My Fifty Shades Fantasy Come True

 I had been eyeballing the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys for a while now. Up until a few weeks ago, they only were available in the UK. I wasn’t up for waiting weeks for some sex toys, or spilling out more in postage fees than the toys were worth. Suffice to say when I saw that Adam and Eve were carrying the Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls along with the rest of the official sex toys, I was all over that like honey on a hot biscuit!

I have used ben wa balls before, so I wasn’t going to go for the beginner set that they offer. I wanted something heavy, cold, and big enough for me to feel it! (You may not think 8oz of metal in your vagina would feel pleasurable, but you have got to give this a try.) So I hopped onto Adam and Eve online, clicked the metal benwa balls into my shopping cart and waited the few days until my new toys arrived. The only downside is that you can’t use the usual Adam and Eve coupon codes on these toys, but the actual price they sell for is very much worth it.

When I got the Silver Pleasure Balls and took them out of the box, I was a slightly apprehensive at first. I’d never had ben wa balls that heavy before, but I also knew in the back of my head it would certainly be an experience. I had tipped off my boyfriend all week that they were coming, and how I fantasized about having our own little Christian and Ana role play.  When I texted him a pic of the ben wa balls while he was at work, his reply of “laters baby.” sent shivers down my spine!

That night when we finally got around to using them, a bit of lube was all I needed to get the ben wa balls in me. I did all the little actions that Ana does in the books – walks to the other side of the room, bends over, lays down on the bed – all of it. I won’t go into the dirty details of what happened for the remainder of our night, but suffice to say it was something I was replaying in my mind for a few days afterward.