My Learning Begins With The Anal Fantasy Starter Collection

I knew that I needed to prepare for my first time having anal sex with my boyfriend. We had read all we could about anal sex training, bought the small toys for me to learn on, and even got some new bed sheets for the occasion. The one thing that we were missing was the lube. Rather than just settle on a single bottle, we went with the Anal Fantasy Starter Collection that we picked up from Adam and Eve online.

We weren’t quite sure what we wanted in an anal lube for my anal sex training. We read a lot about desensitizing lube – both the pros and cons to using it during anal sex. We had a collection of sex toys – some silicone and some not, so we knew we needed something that was water based. But we also wanted the thickness and long lasting ability of a silicone based lube. So we decided to go with the Anal Fantasy Starter Collection since it had everything we were looking for in one single set.

The Anal Fantasy Starter Collection has three bottles of lube that are all focused on anal play. The Anal Moist spray is their popular water based lube that’s a great all-around sex lubricant. Anal Eaze has added ingredients to help desensitize the area and reduce any anxiety around possible pain. The Silicone Moist Anal Lubricant is a thick and long lasting formula that’s great for extended play. We used all three of these during the weekend of my anal training!My Learning Begins With The Anal Fantasy Starter CollectionMy favorite was the silicone lube. We couldn’t use it with my silicone butt plugs, but when it came time to actual anal sex with my boyfriend’s penis, it was the perfect lubricant for the job. We didn’t need to reapply it very often, and my boyfriend said it felt like the natural lube that my vagina makes. I guess you can’t get much closer to real life than that!

When you’re going through anal training, it’s important to be sure you’ve got the right lube for the job. For some, that’s a thick silicone based lubricant. Others prefer something that may help with the pain. If you’re not into that sort of lube, a water based one is something that can be used with most toys and condoms. Or – if you’re like me an undecided, the Anal Fantasy Starter Collection brings all those lubes together in one anal based collection!