My Man Loves Schoolgirls!

After a short summer break, our team at Adam and Eve are ready to take more questions from our readers! This week, our message was from Eliza, about her boyfriend’s desire to have her dress up as a schoolgirl. Don’t forget, you can always get in touch with us through our Facebook page, our Twitter page, or leave a message below and we can try and get your sex questions answered!

Eliza writes to us: “My boyfriend has always liked it when I dressed up in a schoolgirl uniform. You know the type – plaid skirt, tight white top, knees socks, and pigtails. I’ve even caught him looking at schoolgirl porn on the internet before. While I don’t mind dressing up for my guy, should I be worried that he seems to have this as a fetish?”

We’ve got together our usual team of sexperts to give us their opinion on Eliza’s boyfriend’s panache for short plaid skirts!

schoolgirl fetish

“If you’re worried about him having pedophilic tendencies, don’t. Unless you have the body of a pre-teen, then I’m thinking that he’s just into the whole role-play of the schoolgirl theme. Maybe he had a crush on a catholic school girl in the past, and now he’s replaying that fantasy out. If you enjoy dressing up for him, go ahead and do it!” – Anthony

“I had a boyfriend who liked this as well. When we talked about it, it was his version of a Dominant / submissive fetish. He liked to play the in-control teacher punishing his naughty student. There was no age play involved – it was all about the power exchange.” – Sarah

“You’re two consenting adults, right? What’s there to worry about?” – Mike

“I would say that if you are really worried about why your guy has such a thing for schoolgirls, you should just ask. Maybe it’s just about the look – short skirts, see-through tops, knee high stockings. A lot of guys like that in general. It might not be an actual schoolgirl fetish, but it’s the easiest way for him to see what he likes.” – Alana

“I would agree with Alana if it wasn’t for the fact that your man was actively seeking out schoolgirl style porn. As long as he’s looking at consenting adults, then there isn’t really a whole lot to worry about, if you’re thinking what I think you may really be worried about. I’m not saying go snooping through his computer, but maybe ask him to watch some of the porn with him. You may get a better idea of what specific parts of schoolgirl style porn really turns him on.” – Casey

What’s your opinion, readers? Does Eliza have anything to worry about with her boyfriend’s schoolgirl fetish? Or is this just a role play scenario that’s enjoyed the world over? Let us know what you think in the comments below!