My Night With Wanda

When I first saw her, I was a bit taken back. Those full curves, that soft feeling when I touched her, the resistance under my body when I laid on top of her. Wanda was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. Of course, Wanda was the first piece of sex furniture that I’ve ever owned, so it was bound to be an interesting session!

My boyfriend bought me Wanda as a gift for Valentine’s Day. I had been mentioning that I wanted a new sex toy that was totally out of the ordinary, and he came back with this massive sex prop that I’d read about a few weeks beforehand. Wanda is one of the newer models from the Liberator brand, who are known for their high quality sex wedges and other lovemaking furniture. This setup is designed to hold a vibrating wand – hence the name Wanda. (Yes, clever play on words…I know.)

I have two wands – the classic Magic Wand as well as Adam and Eve’s own wand massager. Both fit into the recess in the Wanda with no trouble at all. It’s snug enough of a fit that it holds the toy upright while my body is pressed against it. There’s an opening at one end that you can feed the wires through, so you’re not straddling them along with the toy itself. The foam used in Liberators is surprisingly strong – hard enough that you’re not collapsing the sex furniture into nothingness, but not so hard that you’re uncomfortable.My Night With WandaMy first run with the Liberator Wanda was solo – on all fours, legs spread, clit pressed up against the wand. I was happy that my mind was on getting the wand in the right position rather than worrying that I was going to topple off the Wanda. I was able to spread my legs enough so they held me steady while the wand worked its magic.

Round two was sans wand, but with my boy toy penetrating me from behind. While my legs aren’t weak , it was nice to have a prop to hold me up while the man did his thing. I could certainly see this coming into use over longer sex sessions – not so much with my little boytoy who is quick on the trigger, as they say.

Wanda is one of the more budget friendly toys offered by Liberator. This may be due it’s smaller size – most liberator toys are quite large. Wanda measures up at just under 20 inches long and 12 inches wide. It’s the perfect way to pop your Liberator cherry with a sex prop that will be very easy to hide away if need be. My date with Wanda was quite the hit – and I’m sure yours will be as well.