My Sexy Valentines Day Lingerie Pick

I love how Valentine’s Day is a huge excuse for me to run out and buy new lingerie. I have a perfectly acceptable reason to hop online and pick out the dirtiest, naughtiest, and sexiest underwear set that I can imagine. After reading Fifty Shades, I started to think I wanted to try a bustier set like Ana wore for Christian, so when I saw the Temptation Bustier and Thong set I was all about grabbing it as soon as possible!

Ordinarily, I’m not that into lingerie that covers you up. I like my sexy lingerie as slinky as it comes. But this set just screamed naughty. In case you’ve never feasted your eyes on this beauty, it’s a two piece number that is a laced bustier with garter straps with a matching mesh G-string. I had read that the top of the Temptation Bustier and Thong sucks your middle in and pushes your boobs up, and I’ve got to say that it certainly does! The hook system in the back is just like on a bra, with three sets of hooks so you can wear it as tight as you want. I added a pair of thigh high stockings that I already had, and wore it with a pair of black high heels. When my boyfriend saw me in this for the first time I thought his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head like a cartoon character.


I’ve also never worn a lingerie set I bought for Valentine’s Day out in the public, but the bustier part of the Temptation Bustier and Thong can easily be worn as a top with a pair of black pants or jeans for a sexy night out. I wouldn’t wear it anywhere that you need to be somewhat conservative – the club or a bar would be perfect, though. You can also throw it into the washing machine on the gentle cycle and it will come out looking fine. Which is pretty great in my book since it’s rare that a Valentine’s Day lingerie set makes it to March intact and clean!