My Tenga Egg Easter Egg Hunt

When Valentine’s Day didn’t quite go as expected, I decided to take the next holiday and make it memorable. But how do you turn Easter into something sexy? I set up my own naughty Easter egg hunt using a six pack of Tenga Eggs and a generous amount of lube.

Valentine’s day was awful. The restaurant we were made reservations overbooked and couldn’t sit us for more than two hours after our original time. That meant we couldn’t go watch the movie we already bought tickets for. So we skipped the meal and went to the movies – which was more like a session of watching a pack of teenager do everything but drop their pants and hump in the middle of the theater. (I mean, if the Hobbit really turns you on that much…you may have issues.) By the time we got out of the movie, we were so hungry and turned off from the sight of these kids going at it, we grabbed a pizza and just went to bed. Not exactly the most romantic day of the year.

tenga eggsSo I decided that I needed some kind of romantic creativity outlet, and thought that Easter would be a good opportunity. The Tenga Eggs fit perfectly into that plan. You know those plastic eggs we all had growing up that were usually filled with candy? Think of this as the grown up version that’s filled with a male masturbator. Each egg has its own textured penis sleeve and tiny packet of lube. You basically stick your penis into the hole, pull it down your shaft, and have a grand ole time. From the outside, they don’t look like a sex toy at all, so I had no worries about setting up my little Easter egg hunt indoors and others catching on if they visited. I just looked like I was being festive!

When my guy came home from his afternoon with his family, I was there dressed up in a little bunny lingerie costume, and handed him an Easter basket. We had a hunt around the house where he picked up all six of the Tenga Eggs. After that, we headed to the bedroom to give them a try. His favorite was the “Stepper”. It was certainly one of the most intense orgasms he’s ever had from me giving him a hand job, even if it was slightly assisted by this male masturbator!