Naked Sunbathing For The Perfect Tan

With summer slowly making its appearance, it’s that time of the year when those who like a bronzed look to their skin migrate from the tanning salons and hit the parks and beaches. The problem is – for most places in the USA, naked tanning is a no-no. But what if you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere that breast exposure isn’t against the law? How about if you’re sticking to your somewhat secluded back yard? How can you make the most of the sun and get that tanline-less look this summer? Here are our tips and tricks to getting a great tan when there’s nothing between you and the sun!

1. Find a sunscreen that’s right for you. This may sound a bit backwards – we’re taking about getting the perfect tan and you’re telling us to wear sunscreen? Yes! The perfect tan doesn’t develop over a single blast in the sun over a few hours – it’s a process that takes a while. For most light skin ladies, starting off with a SPF 30 to get their base tan down is enough. Once that’s been established, dropping down to a SPF 15 for the majority of the body, with the SPF reapplied to those parts that tend to burn quicker (face, neck, tops of the breasts and nipples, and any sensitive spots that may have got a bit too toasty before).

2. Apply this sunscreen on all exposed skin! We suggest doing this indoors so you’re not worried about other seeing you do the “I’m trying to reach the middle of my back” dance in the nude. Be sure to get all the usual spots when tanning with a swimsuit on, but pay particular attention to the usually-covered areas of the breasts and butt. If you have a shaved pubic area, be sure this gets coated as well as the shaving process can the skin more sensitive to the sun. These are times when a partner comes in handy! Don’t forget those smaller parts that often get neglected – tops of the ears, tops of your feet, etc.

3. Have your “camp” set out before you strip down. We don’t encourage anyone to break the laws of where they are, so if you’re sunbathing nude in public, be sure you know you’re not going to get arrested for it. Once you’ve established where you plan on going naked is OK, set up your lounge chair, extra suntan lotion, water, naughty reading material and anything else you think you’d need before getting naked. Make sure your chair is light enough for you to move as the sun changes direction.

4. Head out of the sun BEFORE things get red. If you’re already red, you’ve gone too far. The perfect tan is built up slowly so it’s important to listen to your body’s signals that things are getting too toasy. Don’t be tempted to throw on a towel over a set of burnt shoulders and keep going for your lower half. Get out of the sun and start your aftercare routine. Take a cool shower to get the sunscreen remnants off your skin. Apply an aftersun gel or milk to your skin – stay away from the thick lotions that just trap the heat next to your skin.

5. Evaluate your tan before planning the next tanning session. Are there places that are more red than others? Cover those with a higher SPF level next time. Are there spots where you don’t want any more tan at all? Were your nipples and other bits too sensitive? Coat those with a SPF 50. Did your nakedness draw unwanted attention? Try a new spot next time. Remember – this is a process, not a one off tanning blast!