Navigating A First Date On Valentines Day

A first date on Valentine’s Day? Are you crazy? We bet you’ve heard this before if you’ve let your friends and family know that your very first evening out with a new potential partner happens to be on February 14th! Yes, there are a lot of down sides to getting that first date out of the way on a day designated for lovers, but there are a few ways you can make your first date on Valentine’s Day work for you!

First, you have to keep realistic expectations in mind. Valentine’s Day has a lot of hype attached to it, which isn’t all that appropriate for someone just getting to know you. Your date may decide to go the standard first-date route and keep it simple with a dinner and movie. Others may take cues from the holiday and up the stakes a bit with roses, a high classed meal, and rather expensive opera tickets. Don’t assume that because your date is showering you with Valentine’s Day related gifts that there’s more going on than just a first date. They may just be going with the feelings of the holiday.Navigating A First Date On Valentines DayTo keep the best possible outcome for your Valentine’s Day date, only accept the offer if you really feel that there could be a connection. Failed first dates are always a blow, but one on Valentine’s Day carries another layer of disappointment. This isn’t the time for OK-ing a first date request because you feel sorry for the person asking. This also isn’t the time to be unsure if what you’re being asked on is a ‘date’ versus ‘just hanging out’ – this outing is most certainly a date and is meant to be treated as such. If you’re not comfortable with that level of responsibility, back out politely.

We suggest that if you are planning on a ‘proper’ first date that happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, keep it lower key. Stay away from the overcrowded restaurants and go somewhere off the usual ‘to-do’ list for couples. Try out ice skating, bowling, or other ’group’ style activities. There’s always time to do the romantic thing on future dates. You want to take off that additional pressure that can come with all things connected to Valentine’s Day.

So what if you’ve been asked on a first date on February 14th, but don’t want to get involved in the hype and drama of the day? We suggest politely declining that particular date, but suggest another more suitable day for the pair of you to meet up.

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