New Nipple Toys To Temp And Tease

 We’ve got a treat for those ladies who love having their nipples played with! Adam and Eve have a bunch of new nipple toys in stock that will tempt and tease you. Whether you enjoy the squeeze of a clamp or the delicious suction from nipple suckers, you’ll be sure to find something new and exciting in this updated selection.

Twisted Triple Clit & Nipple Sucker – Usually nipple suckers are big, bulky and rather difficult to travel with. For those that love the pull of nipple suckers but want something more discreet, the four inch tall suckers are a perfect fit. After placing the open end on the body part of choice, the screw style knob at the opposite end is turned to create a vacuum and pull against the skin.  There are three Twisted Triple Clit & Nipple Suckers included in the pack, which we suggest using one on each nipple, and the third on the clitoris.

Rock Hard Nipple Clamps – Searching for a hot look along with a great nipple toy? The Rock Hard Nipple Clamps bring that punk look to the bedroom. Each PVC covered clamp has two silver colored chains attached, with decorative spikes weighted along the chain. The clamps themselves are a screw style which allows more control over the amount of pressure applied. You can also remove the PVC covers for an even more painful bite.New Nipple Toys To Temp And TeaseFetish Fantasy Butterfly Nipple Clamps – Looking for something feminine without going too overboard in the girly department? The Fetish Fantasy Butterfly Nipple Clamps use that same style of PVC covered screw clamp as found in the Rock Hard Nipple Clamps, but rather than a spiked chain attached, you’ll have lightweight metal butterflies hanging from your nipples. This may be preferable for nipple clamp beginners as they are not heavy but still use that pinch to create a reaction.

Auto-Vac Nipple Pumps – While this may look like your standard suction tubes attached to a blood pressure style pump, there is a bit of a secret hidden inside. The black bulb is in fact a battery powered pump which pulls the air rather than you pressing it out. The Auto-Vac Nipple Pumps are some of the more expensive nipple toys on the market, but their automated process makes it something to not pass by!

A tip for the guys who love to have their nipples played with – if you’re looking to use suction based toys, it’s easier to create a vacuum if the cup is against bare skin. Shaving off any hair in the area will allow the cups to have a tighter fit!