Older / Younger Dating Tips

 While many of you may be involved with a partner that’s close to you in age, it’s becoming much more socially acceptable for “older / younger” couples to be involved. Whether you’re a young stud looking for a cougar, or a younger lady looking for someone with a few more years’ experience than yourself, dating someone outside your age bracket can have a few extra hurdles in the way. Here are tips for those who are looking for a successful older / younger relationship.

Enjoy their experience – or lack thereof! No matter if you’re the older one or the younger one, there will more than likely be an experience difference between the two of you. If you’re the experienced one, be sure to take your time and let your lover learn the ropes. Let them enjoy your experience in ways that you may have missed out on in your younger years. If you’re the newbie, don’t knock the fact that your lover may have already ‘been there, done that’. You’ve got a chance to educate yourself – take it!

Be ready to communicate. There are going to be times when your generational differences will show – and part of that will be apparently in your communication styles. Be sure that you are both understanding the other. This may mean learning new communication methods and technology, or breaking out of your own high tech habits and mastering the art of the conversation. There can be a lot of ups and downs when it comes to age difference relationships but one of the easiest ways to stay on the right track is to keep open and host communication going.Older / Younger Dating TipsRecognize the sex drive differences. There’s a saying that goes something like “you’re only as old as the one you feel”, but age related sexual differences to exist! A woman is said to hit her sexual peak in her late 20s and early 30s, while a man’s is in his late teens to early 20s. Sexual changes really start to kick in for both sexes in the 50s. Be aware of your lover’s biological state and don’t expect the unattainable.

Actually discuss your future. This goes for any type of relationship, but it seems to be a stickler for those with large age gaps – what are you looking to get out of your older  / younger relationship. One night stands, no strings attached, dating, marriage, family with kids – be sure you are up front at the start of your relationship to be sure your expectations are aligned with your potential lover’s. This doesn’t mean spill your guts on the first date, but we wouldn’t go into more than a half dozen dates without some hint as to the future.

Be proud of your partner. Your friends and family may question the relationship you have with your older or younger partner. Don’t be ashamed of them. Your confidence in your new boyfriend or girlfriend will help show that you mean business and this isn’t just a mid-life (or quarter-life) crisis.

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