OMG, My Husband Bought a Sling!

From here on out, I’m going to think before I say anything to my husband.  I love the man with all of my heart, mostly because he goes above and beyond to make me happy. But I think one of his recent moves may have gone a bit too far. At least that’s what I initially thought. We constantly talk about what we can do to spice things up in the bedroom. I actually think that’s what makes our relationship so perfect. We have one of the most open lines of communication when it comes to sex, and we’ve worked hard to keep improving things. I think when I said “Surprise me with something new,” he had an idea that was already sitting in his mind for some time.


sex sling

It had only been a few days since my last remark, but I came home to a box on the front porch. It was in his name, so I figured it was a gift for some late night fun, and I left it where it was. He came home about an hour after me, and brought the box upstairs. I asked him what it was, and he only replied, “Something new.” Now I trust my husband enough to know that if he’s hiding it, it’s going to be good. Usually, we settle down for a little bit after work. I like to make sure I’m fully charged before I go into the bedroom. Ladies, if you want to impress your man for years to come, always make sure to try and rock his world. Doing it when you’re exhausted never works. But I digress.

I impatiently waited while we had dinner and watched some TV. While I thought I was hiding it, I know that he could see me as I kept peering over to the box left out in the open for me to stare at. I tried waiting until the sun had gone down, but he put that box where he did to get me all curious and worked up. It wasn’t long after dinner that I simply said, “Alright, we need to open that box now.” I ran into the bedroom with him chasing me. I jumped on the bed like a little kid.

He opens the box. The entire time, I was thinking this was some new vibrators or other toys to use in the bed. Nope…it was a sling. He quickly placed the anchors over the door and closed it and grabbed me. I don’t think I had time to think.

He knew what he was doing with it, so I can tell he’s done his research. He must have been dying to go with it, because it took him 4 seconds to get my clothes off…new record. Do I reveal to you what I thought? Should I let you find out for yourself just what a sling could do for your sex life?