One Toy, Two Lovers – The We-Vibe Couples Vibrators

There are very few toys on the market that can be used by heterosexual couples during sex that allow both lovers to enjoy it. The We-Vibe family of vibrators are just that. After inserting the U-shaped sex toy and getting the vibration pattern and speed that you want, there’s no stopping you from having intercourse and enjoying that extra level of pleasure. Yes, ladies and gentlemen – you have sex while this toy is in! All of the We-Vibes are rechargeable, meaning that you don’t have to mess with batteries any more. Being that all versions are made from silicone, we do suggest using a water based lubricant when playing with your couple’s vibrator.

We Vibe 2 – This is the oldest and least expensive version of the We-Vibe couples’ massager. It’s also the largest of the three, measuring 3.25 inches long and one inch wide. The stimulation ridges on the version two are much more pronounced than those on its predecessors, making it great for ladies who love that added dose of stimulation. It also has the most vibration setting out of the four, with nine in total. This version is recharged by inserting the charging cord directly into the toy – very easy to travel with!

We Vibe 3 – This is the first of the We-Vibes to include a wireless remote control. It’s slightly smaller than the two with only 3.0 inches of length and one inch of width. Rather than plugging the toy directly into your charging cord, the We-Vibe Three comes with a charging station that also doubles as a carrying case. Just place the toy into the plugged-in station and it’ll soon be recharged for hours of play. The different style of charge also means that this toy can pack a bigger punch, with 40% more power than the Version 2. It’s also waterproof!          The We-Vibe Couples VibratorsWe Vibe 4 – The latest and most expensive version of the We-Vibe takes all the improvements made on the Version 3 and brings them to the next level. The g-spot stimulator is slightly larger at 1.25 inches across, meaning that more of you is covered for that added enjoyment. The toy overall is 30% smaller, opening this toy up to a wider range of ladies. The lithium rechargeable batteries run for up to 3 hours of continual play before needing a recharge. It’s also made of a new style of silicone which is softer and more enjoyable to the touch. The charging station for the We-Vibe 4 uses a USB connection, meaning you can keep the base plugged into your computer or any USB adapted plug (like many phones have) to get the electric flowing.