Orange Sex Toys Lover

Halloween was over and still can’t get enough of that lovely Halloween orange color?  We’ve got a selection of orange sex toys that would be the perfect post-Halloween gift for your lover.

Glo Vibrating Pop Plug – Looking to have a bit of back door fun? The orange Glo Vibrating Pop Plug is a great gift for those who have already popped their anal cherry and are looking for a toy with some oomph! The fat rounded tip and slim neck keeps the plug in place while the multi speed vibrator sends sensation to deep inside your body. Another great thing about this orange anal toy? It glows in the dark!

Simply Silicone 8X G-Tickler – Great to use both inside and outside the body, the Simply Silicone 8X G-Tickler is an orange textured vibrator that you’ll want to use all year round. The nubbed head of this orange g spot vibrator positions the vibrations just in the right spot inside the vagina. If you prefer external stimulation, the top of this vibe makes a great clit stimulator as well. This whisper quiet and waterproof vibe can be taken into the tub for a bit of relaxation before sending the kids out trick or treating!

Senso 6 Pak of Penis Rings – We’re not forgetting the guys of course! The Senso 6 Pak of Penis Rings includes a spiked orange cock ring along with a blue, pink, purple, teal and yellow ones. These can be used as a standard cock ring and kept at the base of the penis, or moved up the shaft so your lover can enjoy that additional sensation as well. Use alone or combine the various rings for a mind-blowing sex toys

Posh Silicone Finger Sleeves – Another set of small sex toys that includes an orange version, the Posh Silicone Finger Sleeves are great to use both on guys as well as the ladies. The orange, red, blue and pink finger sleeves have ribbed textures at the tip with a bumped texture at the base. The Posh Silicone Finger Sleeves easily stretch to fit almost any size of finger. One of the best parts of this finger cover sex toy set? They’re priced so they won’t break the bank!

Glow Slim Butt Plug – An ideal butt plug for those who have never explored anal play before, the orange (or blue) Glow Slim Butt Plug has a narrow tip and a slowly tapering side, with a wide base at the end. These Sil-A-Gel butt plugs are often used as a first step for anal training as they are quite gentle on the back side, especially when used with a water based anal lubricant. We know we wouldn’t mind seeing one of these at the bottom of our trick or treat bag!