Penis Ring Styles Explained

In previous Adam and Eve blog posts, we’ve discussed the use of penis rings as both sexual enhancement and as a general sex toy. With so many styles out there, how do you figure out which is right for you? What are the various types of cock rings? Here’s a breakdown of cock ring styles, and which work best in which scenarios!

Single Strap, Adjustable – This is the perfect starter penis ring. This style ring fits behind the scrotum, and comes up to connect at the top of the penis. They are easy to use, easy to remove, and are relatively inexpensive. Rings can come in loop styles like the Silicone Cock Ties, or single ribbon style like the 3-Snap Leather Cock Strap.

Single Strap, Solid – This is the most common style of cock ring, and can be used by both beginners as well as advanced penis ring users. While the penis is flaccid, it’s rolled down the shaft and behind the scrotum. Once erect, the ring will restrict movement. Solid cock rings are also rather inexpensive, with the Ringo’s Cock Ring costing less than $3.00.cockringsTesticle Spreader – These start off as a standard style adjustable cock ring, but have an additional yolk that hangs down and attached to the base of the ring. Each testicle is spread out into its individual pocket, and are generally used by men who engage in BDSM activates as the submissive.

Ball Stretcher – This variation to the Testicle Spreader keeps the balls together rather than separating them. A loop goes around the cock as in a single strap style. The wearer pulls their testicles downward, attaching the secondary strap around the scrotum, above the balls. The All Star Enhancer Ring is a ball stretcher style of cock ring at a very reasonable price.

Double Strap – This style of cock ring takes the ball stretcher and adds yet another strap. First you have the standard strap that loops around the penis, behind the testicles. Then you have the second strap that loops around the scrotum, above the testicles. Finally, you have a third strap that wraps around the penis shaft itself, in front of the scrotum. (The “double” refers to the two straps on the penis itself.) The Vibrating Super Stud Sling is a double strap style cock ring with the addition of a vibrator and textured clit stimulator for her.