Picking Out The Right Corset For You

They aren’t just for princess costumes or burlesque dancers! Corsets have always been a popular undergarment for ladies to wear, whether they’re looking for something sexy underneath or looking for that perfect hourglass figure. You may have noticed that there’s quite the range when it comes to prices and styles out there. You may also be unsure which styles are right for you. Depending on what you’re hoping to get out of wearing a corset, there are a few areas to consider.

Steel Bones versus Plastic Boning – The bones of the corset are what support the shape. More expensive corsets have the durable steel bones, while less expensive versions have plastic bones. Do you want something that you can tightlace and create a real hourglass, or are you just looking for something different to wear for your lover? Steel bones are there to support the figure and are the only type of bones that should be in place for those looking to tightlace. Plastic bones are more there for show, and come in a wider variety of styles, like the Red Satin Corset.

Ribbon Lacing versus Cord Lacing – This is another part of the corset that’s choice depends on how you want to wear it. It’s very difficult – if not impossible – to tightlace a corset that uses a ribbon as a closure in the back. You want something that can take the strain, and this is where cords are preferred. Ribbon corsets don’t tend to have a lot by way of material to close, as there’s no tension needed. Don’t be surprised to see corded corsets with over 8 yards of cording for a single corset!Picking Out The Right Corset For You

Hook & Eye Closures versus Busks – One again, we’re looking into form or function. Hook and eye closures are the ones usually found on the back of a bra, to keep the two straps together. While this is fine for the natural strain of everyday wear, it can’t handle the pull associated with tightlacing. Busks are the closure that are usually found  on the fronts of corsets. Generally, one side with posts and the other side with eye-holes for the post to fit in. Both are attached to steel bars that fit inside the corset itself, adding to their strength.

Underbust versus Overbust – Time for fashion to come into play. Both ‘fashion’ and ‘function’ corsets come in two basic styles – those that go over and push up the breasts, and those that go under the chest. The one you choose depends on your style. While you may think that overbust corsets are better at enhancing your breasts, some ladies have found that by reducing the side of their stomach, their chest becomes naturally more appealing. Others want that lift and pressure that overbusts can bring. Underbusts are also used by trans women to create that natural hourglass shape that a biologically male body doesn’t typically have.