Playing With A Penis Extension

While working at the front desk the other day, we had our usual pack of porn stars walk through the lobby. One of the guys dropped his bag, and everything inside it spilled out everywhere. He looked completely embarrassed. I would have been too, because what he had inside were a whole collection of sex toys, lubes and underwear!After he managed to collect all his goods, one toy that rolled under the counter was left behind. I was a bit naughty – I saw it there before he left, and rather than letting him know it was there, I just let him go up to his room without it. What was the toy that caught my eye? I later learned it’s called The Perfect Extension. I didn’t realize it at first, but it’s basically a sheath that guys put over their cocks to either make them harder, longer or thicker.

I had never seen one of these before, and it was all I could do not to strap it onto my hips and see what I’d look like with a ten-inch penis. Well, I tucked the toy into my over-sized handbag and made my way to the restroom where I did just that! It wasn’t quite working over my skirt, so I stripped down to my panties and strapped this puppy on. I had a few brief moments of pretending that I had a massive shlong before I put it back into my bag, and brought it up to the room where the filming was taking place.

Although – I was tempted to keep it just a few more hours to see how it really worked, in the privacy of my own apartment…