Power Balls for Lesbian Lovers

Finding a sex toy that can please both my partner and I at the same time is tough for us. We are the unfortunate breed of lesbians who don’t get off from vaginal penetration. Our pleasure is derived from clitoral stimulation. Finding a vibrator that can work equally well on both of us at the same time was near impossible. That was, until we discovered ball-style vibrators like the P3 Power Balls from Adam and Eve.

Traditionally, these kid of sex toys are used either solo by a woman (with a ball inserted into her ass or pussy, and another ball pressed up against her clit), or by a man (with the balls hitting his p-spot up his back side). That’s great and all, but what about when two ladies want to get off?

We figured out our own way around that one. How it works is that my partner places one of the balls up against her clit, snuggly between her pussy lips. She then straddles my thigh to keep it in place. I, in turn, do the same, pressing my hips up against her thigh. Then we just turn up the dial and enjoy the ride! If we want to get that much more out of it, we slap on a bit of clit stimulating gel before popping the balls in place.

A lot of traditional users of the P3 Power Balls may look at it and worry that the ‘balls’ could get lost if inserted. I’ve had a good tug at the wires, and I dare say, no matter how tight you are, they aren’t going to pop off and end up as an embarrassing ER story any time soon. This particular model has a VERY powerful vibration, so it’s not really for those folks who would prefer something a bit on the tame side. It’s also one of those toys that’s easily packed up and taken with you. It’s slightly awkward if the TSA agent decides to go through your hand luggage, then say, Bam Realistic Cock.

Not all lesbians like the whole dual penetration thing. Some just want a good ole fashioned clit orgasm, which is easily delivered by P3 Power Balls from Adam and Eve.