Power Tool Level Play With The RockBox 2

It’s not often that we compare sex toys to power tools, but the RockBox 2 has certainly earned that comparison. After going back to the drawing board after the initial RockBox, this improvement has taken all the fan’s requests on board and created a sex toy that’s worth the price. With over 5000 RPMs at your disposal, it’s ready for it’s high powered premier.rockbox2 RockBox 2 at it’s core is a dual-sex external vibrator. There are two interchangeable plates – one called the ‘Hot Chick’ which mimics a curled up tongue. The other is the ‘Master Blaster’ which is a ridged surface that’s designed to stimulate the base of the penis. The ergonomic handle has a basic on and off switch which can be manipulated with a single finger. At the back of the RockBox 2 is a dial where you can zero in on the vibrations level that’s right for you. As we mentioned above, we’re talking 5000 RPMs when turned all the way up, and that’s a whole lot of vibrations!

One of the biggest complaints about the original Rockbox was that it was a noisy toy – one that you would have a hard time hiding from anyone. The improvements on the RockBox 2 have made it significantly quieter compared to the original. Another hiccup that the old RockBox had was that the power cord slipped out of it’s connection when at the highest power levels. On the new version, a clip keeps the end of the 19 foot cord in place – even when cranked up all the way.

Because the attachments on the Rock Box are made from TPE, you will want to use a water based lubricant with the toy. Keep away from the silicone based lubes that could wear away the materials of the Rock Box over time. They also recommend that you only use the RockBox in short spurts of time – around 10 to 15 minutes, with breaks inbetween for some recovery. Yes – it is that powerful!

While the price of the original RockBox may have been a bit steep for some, the manufacturers have made all the improvements in the RockBox 2, but kept the same price point. So if you’re in the market for a super powerful high end vibrator that both partners can share, get a good tight grip on the RockBox 2!