Pros and Cons Of Automatic Penis Pumps

The world of penis pumps is divided into two sub groups – hand powered units that use either a trigger or “blood pressure cuff” style bladder to remove the air inside the tube, or those with external motors that create the vacuum. We get quite a few questions as to which style is better. That question isn’t as easy to answer as you would think, as some men are looking for different outcomes when it comes to using a penis pump. Are you looking for growth? A harder erection? Any erection at all? What is your budget? We suggest you look into the pros and cons of automatic penis pumps before you make your decisions.

Pros – Because the external motor is responsible for removing the air inside the penis pump tube, you’ll be saving your hand for other activities. This is great for men with muscle control issues in their hands, or other concerns such as arthritis or tremors as they aren’t relying on their body’s strength and coordination to use the machine. Some experienced pumpers like the higher levels of suction that you can achieve with an automatic pump as compared to a hand powered one. Many automatic penis pumps have pressure gauges on them, so you can dial in the exact amount of suction that you want before you start your pumping session. The Apollo Automatic Power Pump even has a digital version of this standard gauge.Pros and Cons Of Automatic Penis Pumps

Cons – Automatic penis pumps aren’t the best for those using this method of sexual enhancement for the first time. You really need to get to know how your penis will react to the vacuum before moving onto more automated versions. A hand powered penis pump will give you more control over how much suction is applied. The other aspect to consider – especially those beginners we mentioned – is that automatic penis pumps cost more than their hand powered counterparts. While you can get your bargain basement penis pumps for less than $25, most automatic pumps will cost you close to $100. If you’ve never tired pumps before and you’re unsure if you like them, dropping three figures can be seen as a risk.

With all penis pumps, there are a few things you should look out for and be sure your model has. A quick release valve lets the air back into the tube in the event that the pressure gets to be too much for you. You’ll want a set that either has extra diaphragms (also called donuts – the material at the base of the pump that seals off the outside air from your penis) or diaphragms that can be purchased separately. We’d also suggest getting a penis pump with a transparent tube, so you can see your hard work in action!