Role Play Fun With Very Private Secretary

“I’d love to see you in one of these”, my boyfriend joked with a wink holding a rather skimpy school uniform-looking plaid skirt. “Ahh, but I’m more the teacher than the student, babe.” My reply got a raised eyebrow and a brief. Seems like he was slightly turned on by the thought of me playing teacher, so I thought I’d take advantage.

When I got home, I hopped onto Adam and Eve and looked around for teacher style costume lingerie. There wasn’t anything specific for teachers, but once I saw the Very Private Secretary outfit, I knew that would do the trick. The super short pinstripe skirt and the tie front top would only need a few of my own accessories – a pair of thigh high stockings and garter belt, my thick hipster style glasses and a ruler from my scrapbooking box, and I had a complete outfit already formed in my head.

Shortly, my Very Private Secretary costume arrived, and I had a chance to try it on before my boyfriend got home. The skirt is VERY short –  designed to leave the bottom of your butt exposed. This is certainly a skirt I would never be able to wear outside the house! The top fit well, even though I’m slightly more well-endowed than the standard woman in my dress size. I put on the accessories I had in my plan, and it all went together nicely.very private secretaryAs far as my boyfriend is concerned – well, he enjoyed his “lessons” as well!” I can certainly see this working well for couples who are into BDSM and the woman is in charge. It would also work well as it was originally intended – as a naughty secretary outfit. Really, any sort of role play involving “professional” women would benefit from the Very Private Secretary costume. My only worry is that I’m not quite sure this costume will stand up over time. If you are only planning on wearing for a couple hours (or minutes- as the case may be) in the privacy of your own home, taking it off before it gets dirty, you should be alright. This isn’t the kind of outfit you are going to get years of wear out of – but it’s certainly worth the time you can use it!