Romantic Fall Date Ideas

The fall is the perfect time for romance. For one, the weather is perfect for snuggling in bed with your lover and watching movies. Also, the weather is perfect for bundling up and going on a walk. When it comes down to it, the fall might be the most romantic season of the entire year. If you are thinking about doing something romantic this fall, it might help to have a few date ideas. Here are some of the most romantic fall date ideas.

1. Take a walk in nature. If you are on the East Coast, you are in luck, because that is the best place to catch a glimpse of the fall foliage. However, there is a good chance that if walk to your nearest park – no matter where you live – you can catch a glimpse of some fall colors. And there is nothing more romantic than walking through the fallen leaves, holding hands and staring deep into each other’s eyes.Romantic Fall Date Ideas2. Cozy up and watch a movie. The weather outside is getting a little cold – why go out when you can stay inside, blast the heat and watch a movie. There is nothing more romantic than cuddling up and watching a movie in bed. Some of the best movie genres are romantic comedies and foreign romance movies. Who knows, after the movie you can make sweet, sweet love to each other.

3. Go to a football game. Yes, this is the ideal date for two sports lovers who also happen to be, well, lovers. Football is autumn’s sport and there is nothing more autumnal than putting on a sweater and bundling up to watch the game. If it is particularly cold, you could bring a nice blanket to share and a cup of hot cocoa. However, if you are cheering up your favorite team, there is a good chance that will warm you up.

4. Take a hayride. If you aren’t allergic to hay – many people are – you could find a farm and take a romantic hay ride. Hayrides may be occupational and run of the mill to the farmer, but to you and your date, it could make for an incredibly romantic evening.

5. Drink hot cider and sit on the porch. This is one of those classic romantic dates that will surely be one to remember forever. If you have a front porch – an open window will do – you can make some delicious, fresh apple cider and watch the sun go down. Make sure, though, to wear a sweater, because you don’t want to be cold and shivering during this date. However, you will probably have each other’s body heat – on top of the cider – to warm each other up. Sometimes simplicity is the most romantic.