Secret Pleasures With Vibrating Panties

Want to make your next date something to remember? Bring a vibrator along with you! No, we don’t mean those larger rabbit style vibes or a hand held massager that will get you off in public. We mean those discreet little vibrating panties that are quickly growing in popularity.

The majority of vibrating panties work the same way, with a few alterations between each brand. The close-fitting panty looks and wears like your standard pair from any lingerie shop, but had an additional pocket sewn into the crotch area. Inside this pocket slips a bullet style vibrator. In some cases, the vibrator is turned on and left inside the panties until it’s removed and turned off again. In the majority of vibrating panty sets though, the vibe has a remote control. Some are wired, and are best used discreetly by the person wearing the panties. Others, like the 10 Functioning Remote Control Vibrating Panty, are wireless and the remote can be passed onto your partner for their enjoyment (as well as yours).

More recently, vibrating panties have taken on another form. Rather than the full coverage panties, some manufacturers are making inserts that you can use in your existing underwear. The Panty Vibe & Ben-Wa Ball Set comes with a waterproof pad that you place in your own underwear. The bumpy texture of the pad adds another level of sensation to the whole experience.Secret Pleasures With Vibrating PantiesOther vibrating panty sets, like the Fixsation Vibrating Panty, are designed to be used while having intercourse with your partner. This panty vibe isn’t a pair of underwear, per se, but a set of straps and fabric that hold a vibrator against your clit while leaving your vagina exposed for penetration. They can be worn under clothes, but it’s more like wearing a garter belt as opposed to a pair of full covering panties.

When wearing vibrating panties out – especially on excursions that last most of the day – you may want to bring an extra set of batteries with you. While we are sure you won’t have the panties on vibrate for hours on end, the frequent ‘on / off’ changes that most vibrating panty users engage in does drain the batteries quite a bit. Most of these smaller vibrators and remote control use watch style batteries that come in multi-packs, so slipping one of those into your handbag or wallet will leave you powered up for the entire day.

We don’t suggest wearing a vibrating panty any places that you’ll be screened by metal detectors or X-rays. It’s bad enough getting held up for a ‘special’ pat down at your local airport, but since so many travel warnings have listed ‘explosives in underwear’ as something to watch out for, you don’t want your sex toy mistaken for anything other than a small vibrating ball of pleasure!