See Statues Get it On At Korea’s Erotic Theme Park

Korea has its own cultural and gastronomical staples like kimchi, taekwondo and those hilarious soap operas on TV, but now they are borrowing from the American playbook with a deliciously naughty theme park. However, this theme park doesn’t have roller coasters, spinning teacups, or people dressed up as giant cartoon mice. With sculptures of giant dicks, oversized buxom statues of women with tumescent nipples, and statues representing all forms of sexual pleasure, Jeju Loveland is an 18+ only theme park devoted to sex.

Jeju Loveland has over 140 naughty statues that encourage visitors to take pictures, gawk, or maybe even get a little turned on. You’ve got a statue of a man and woman standing in rapturous sexual delight while two dogs nearby are doing the same. While the females – human and dog – are distracted by their orgasmic delirium, the two males of the scenario make eye contact and give each other the peace sign with their fingers – and paw. In classic Roman-style, combined with the pin-up aesthetic, some women are draped in next to nothing – sitting on benches with bare, white breasts exposed – and some arch, with one hand teasing a nipple and the other between the thighs.

Then there are the dicks – so many dicks – you can pose with, sit on, and possibly even get turned on by. The theme park, which opened back in 2004 and is currently being discovered by Westerners, was created by art school graduates as a testament to all things sex, and all things erotic. If you happen to be visiting with children, there is an area where you can drop them off while you hang out with all the extra large tits and penises.

Korea, which is naturally strict about sex, was also built to open people’s eyes to some of the major erotic taboos – it also aims to break them, which is does in spades. Never heard of the standing 69 position? – If you visit this theme park you will find a 10-foot tall statue embraced in this rather athletic sexual position. Moreover, if you are looking for a romantic vacation, Jeju Island is one of the most romantic places for a honeymoon getaway. And even though this theme park opened a few years back, you can still catch new exhibitions that pop up all the time. When you visit, something else will surely pop up too.