Sex and the Wintertime Blues

As the days get shorter and colder and it can be easy to feel a little down. There is definitely something about the darker days that can make you mourn for the long, full, warm days of summer.

And something about the holidays, perhaps its an overdose of cheer, can be seriously depressing. Lots of doctors and sexologist say that the best remedy for the wintertime blues is SEX, sex and more sex.

Sex can make all the sadness go away. Shacking up with your lover on a chilly night in front of the fire with a little hot apple cider – maybe throw a fur rug on there – can make for a beautiful evening. According to psychologists there is something called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” which basically makes you clinically depressed in the wintertime. Obviously its worse in the colder states, but people can easily get “SAD” in places like California too because of the shorter days. Symptoms can include oversleeping and overeating, sluggishness, social withdrawal and a general sense of unease.

Doctors say light therapy helps – where you use UV lamps that act as temporary sunshine – to increase your mood, but the real secret is sex. Sex is all the sunshine you need all year round. Sex is the ultimate stress reliever and depression killer. Why would you want to spend all winter moping around the house when you can be skipping down the street whistling because you just got laid?

So, stoke the fire, heat up the apple cider (you can even throw in a little something extra), and get busy! Some kinky little extras that can use to kick the blues are some good scented candles, perhaps a few vibrators, lingerie, and maybe a few sexy movies. If you are kicking those blues – why not go all out!

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