Sex By The Numbers

Our lovely sexperts here at Adam and Eve have scoured the internet to find you a collection of numbers-based sexual facts. You may be surprised at what you learn!

sex by the numbers

  1. The longest erect penis ever recorded was 13.5 inches long erect, and 9.5 inches long flaccid. New Yorker Jonah Cardeli holds this record, but his large penis hasn’t garnered him much luck in relationships. He’s been single since 1996!
  2. On average, sperm swims seven inches per hour, but the initial ejaculation can reach up to 28 miles per hour. Each ejaculation typically holds between two and five million sperm.
  3. Semen is 5 calories per teaspoon. With sex burning off around 100 calories per session, you may want to re-arrange your usual love-making routine.
  4. The average female will have sex more than 3,000 times in her reproductive years. If she drives, she will have sex in her car an average of six times in her life. Humans, dolphins, and a certain type of chimpanzee are the only animals to have sex for pleasure.
  5. 43% of heterosexual women have had anal sex. Women who are white and college educated are more likely to have anal sex than their counterparts.
  6. Couples in Greece have sex the most – on average 138 times a year. At the bottom of the list sits the Japanese, with only 45 sexual interactions per year. That may explain why 74% of Japanese women own a vibrator, when the word average is just 47%.
  7. Life isn’t like the porn movies – only 30% of women who give blow jobs actually swallow. Americans also spend more money on porn than they do buying cookies.
  8. A woman is more likely to have sex, as well as have their fastest orgasms while they are ovulating. They are also more likely to stray during this time of the month.
  9. There is evidence that there is a biological connection between the length of a man’s index finger and the length of their penis. In addition, the longer that a man’s ring finger is in comparison to their index finger, the more testosterone his body produces.
  10. Headaches and sex seem to go hand in hand, but not in the ways you may think! Sex is actually a way you can relieve headaches. Women who suffer from migraines also tend to have a higher sex drive then women who don’t.