Sex Toy Storage Made Simple

Now that you’ve built up a decent collection of sex toys and other pleasure products, where do you keep them all? While a vibrator or tube of lube may fit into your bedside drawer, it might get to a point where some other storage methods are needed. Generally, backpacks, pillow cases and plastic storage tubs all work well as sex toy treasure troves, there may be times where more creative storage is necessary.

Glass & Metal Toys – While there’s little worry that your glass or metal sex toys will break, keeping them stored in soft sacks will reduce the worry of surface scratching. It’ll also keep the noise levels down if you’re searching through your toy drawer for that one special dildo! While there are cloth bags made specifically for sex toys, like the Sugar Sak Storage Bags, many frugal minded sex toy users keep their metal and glass sex toys in clean, thick socks. Sex Toy Storage Made Simple

Silicone Toys – While there’s a bit of debate about this in the sex toy community, the general rule of thumb is that silicone sex toys should be stored away from other silicone and latex based items. Contact between these products can result in the toy breaking down at the point of contact. Some sex bloggers have documented silicone sex toys melting after being submerged in silicone lubricant for an extended period of time. To stay on the safe side, if your silicone sex toy came in a hard plastic ‘clamshell’ container, it’s a good idea to store it in that container as well. Others wrap their toys in plastic wrap (which also helps keep them from attracting fluff). At the very least, keep them on opposite sides of your sex toy drawer.

Bondage Equipment – Struggling to find a place to keep all your ropes, cuffs and other odd-shaped BDSM gear? This is when carry-on size (or even larger) suitcases come in handy. Keeping your tools in a suitcase under your bed serves a few purposes. They don’t look ‘out of place’ in the bedroom, as many couples keep random boxes of items under their beds. It’s easy to pull out from its hiding place, open up, and grab what you need mid-session. The inner pockets are ideal for storing smaller items like cuffs and gags, eliminating the need to ‘fish’ items out amongst the lengths of rope and other restraints. And – it travels well!

When to throw them away – There are times when your pleasure products need to make their way to sex toy heaven. If your insertables (dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, etc) start to crack, this crack can hold onto body fluids and cause infections after use. This is most commonly seen in ‘jelly’ style toys, which aren’t that durable. Fraying wires on electronic toys (that can’t be fixed with a simple wrap in electrical tape) should also be thrown away. If your rechargeable toy is starting to lose its ability to hold onto that power, get in touch with the manufacturer. Some toys can have their internal batteries replaced, while others can’t.